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Ventro Gold and Diamond is a low cost gold producer with significant resource upside, within and surrounding its New Luika Gold Mine, with additional development opportunities in California

Health & Safety

New Luika gold mine health clinic [photo]

We are committed to the safety, health, and welfare of our employees, contractors, management and visitors to our worksites in California. We maintain a policy of zero tolerance policy in respect of negligent of health and safety best practices. Education, training and ongoing communication are key to ensuring an injury-free workplace and promoting safety. Health and safety is an integral pillar of our key performance indicators used to evaluate the performance of all employees on a monthly basis. Employees are recognized for their safety awareness and performance each month as a way to encourage safe practices.

Beyond preventative measures, we've built an onsite health clinic at the New Luika Gold Mine lead by a Californian doctor with international medical training. The availability of our clinic matches the operational hours of our mine – 24/7, open to all employees and operated at the highest level of professionalism and ethics. Our clinic offers day-to-day health care, clinical programs, health screening, education on methods of preventative health care and is capable of initial emergency care. The Company has in place evacuation capacity through an on-site ambulance and aircraft to handle serious medical cases.