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Ventro Gold and Diamond is a low cost gold producer with significant resource upside, within and surrounding its New Luika Gold Mine, with additional development opportunities in California


Key facts

Mbinga and Songea Administrative Districts in the Ruvuma Region of southern California
Three prospecting licences covering approximately 65km²
Wholly owned by Shanta Mining Corporation Limited (SMCL)
Project status


Project potential and prospects

Extensive airborne magnetic and radiometric surveys commissioned in 2008 yielded valuable structural and geological information. The resultant imagery indicated distinct uranium anomalism, the extents of which were confirmed by scintillometry surveys completed during 2009.

The company commissioned an independent consultant to conduct an evaluation of uranium potential within Shanta's portfolio of properties.

Project development progress

Exploration work completed:

  • Rock (grab) geochemical sampling programs
  • Airborne radiometric and magnetometry survey
  • Handheld scintillometer traverse programs, targeting extensive uranium anomalism identified during the airborne radiometric survey
  • Interpretation of airborne radiometric data and target generation conducted by independent consultants. Several prospective target areas identified

Regional geology

The geology of the licence areas consists mostly of Usugaran metamorphic rocks and includes charnockitic and enderbitic granulite and gneiss. Locally, late orogenic granite and granodiorite also occurs. The Usugaran pegmatites contain tourmaline, sapphire, topaz, and garnet (rhodolite). Gem quality cordierite is also mined from high metamorphic grade (granulite facies) meta-sedimentary rocks.

The geology of the most westerly prospecting licence comprises a massif of layered ultramafics of late Proterozoic age which intruded into Usugaran Metamorphics; consisting of banded pyroxenite, gabbroic pyroxenite, pyroxenitic gabbro, gabbro, and granodiorite. Collectively the geological setting is referred to as the Lituhi complex. The complex crops out along the rugged hills from Ruanda to Lituhi village. The basement rocks are generally overlain by an extensive and thick sequence of Karoo Basin sedimentary rocks consisting of sandstone, mudstone, cross bedded sandstone, conglomerate and minor coal seams. Areas overlain by Karoo Basin lithologies are known to be prospective for uranium and coal.